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mayor have a suggestion for anyone not involved. >> stay inside. >> reporter: we have some already starting to gather here with just less than an hour to go before the critical mass 20th anniversary ride starts. they are bringing in extra officers but are going hang back and follow them wherever they go. reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> and we have more details on bicyclists in city. on any given day there are 75,000 people riding bikes in san francisco. when it comes to the commute bike riders make up 3.5%. bike traffic went up by 71% from 200-6201. six people are recovering a car crash that sent a suv into a nail salon. it happened in downtown oakland just after ten it morning.
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the suv hit a oakland public's work truck before it continued on to the sidewalk before it hit the front of the nail salon. two people were hit. >> they charges filed against a school teach ear accused of having inappropriate relationship with a former student. the teacher was arrested early this weekend on suspicious of committing lewd act was a child under the age of 14. he has been released on $100,000 bail. today the da's office said it's not filed any charges because the case is still pending as albany police continue their investigation. >> a smoke detector credited with saving a mother and her daughter. sound asleep in their home in san jose when it caught firet. broke out just before seven at the home on mullberry lane. flames spread across the home's wood shake rooftop and into the attic. the roof then collapsed and other parts of the house had
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major smoke and water damage. the mother and her 20-year-old daughter woke up to the sound of the fire alarm, sought smoke and got out. when firefighter as lived flames were shooting high in to the air. >> flames were up 20, 30 feet from the roof. all the sudden the truck started showing up. >> estimate of the damage isn't known yet and the cause is still under investigation. two teens are under arrest tonight accused of starting a fire at a park in antioch. investigators say the 14 and 17- year-old suspects set the fire last monday. the full-times destroyed the city park playground on a street. officers made the arrest last night after a tip. >> air quality officials have issued a spare the air day alert after tomorrow. high temperatures expected to create unhealthy levels of smog. it's expected to be the worse during the hottest part of the day. they are asking people to drive less and reduce their energy
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use. the alert will be the 8th this year. let's turn to bill martin for a better look. >> if the air quality difference is -- spare the air day for tomorrow we will have one for sun and monday as well. let's take a look outside. we are checking for temperatures tomorrow, could be pretty warm. >> we apologize. looks like we may be having problems with his microphone. first a problem we told you about earlier. the apple ceo apologizing for its map app. we have the global goof you found. >> reporter: there are some problems. this is the i-phone 5 with the new apple maps app and here is the -- the android phone with the google map app. they have many users complaining and the ceo apologizing. >> i got lost like three times trying to follow them.
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. >> reporter: this man came from sonoma but he said his i-phone with the apple maps made even the downtown area hard to find. >> doesn't describe where to turn. i didn't know where to turn. i kept missing like off ramps. >> reporter: it come was the anaphia phone 5 and can be down loaded to older models but it's spawned commenting including one who said people who thought the world were flat were more accurate than apple maps. one city is shown in the sea and madison square garden is marked as a park not a sport as rene a. >> i looked a couple addresses up and directions and -- it's really confusing. >> reporter: its been such a problem that today the apple ceo apologized saying we are sorry for the frustration and we are doing all we can do make it better. >> i think they would have that worked out already.
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>> reporter: working on fixing it but until it does it's telling people to down load other map apps or use google maps, the system used on previous i-phones. >> the new ktvu app is ready. you can watch all the newscasts and drive time traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news. >> samsung has won a round in its court bott battle. an appeals court ruled that a lower court should reconsider a sales ban against samsung's galaxy tab 10.1. it was put in place prior to a month long trial over apple's claims that samsung violated patents. the jury decided in favor of apple on most of the claims, however it found that samsung had not violated patent that was the basis for the tablet. the man behind that video that sparked violence in the middle east will be referred to
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by his legal name. he legally changed his name in 2010 because he thought his name sounded like a girl's name. today the united states attorney announced he will now be called mark which is his legal name. he was in court yesterday for a probation violation from a 2010 check fraud conviction. new conflicting information about the suspect in july's deadly shooting rampage at a colorado theater. prosecutors say that weeks before the shooting james holmes was barred from the university of colorado campus for threatening a professor but in other documents defense attorneys say those allegations false. the university has said he had withdrawn from school and was denied access to nonpublic areas for that reason. a new search for remains of jimmy hoffa caused a commotion.
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people came to watch police drill through concrete behind a home. they removed samples of soil and clay but said there are no signs of human remains. allll this after a man told police he thought a body was buried there 35 years ago. police checked just to be sure but said the timeline didn't add up. . >> tonight we learn more about the crash that killed a little girl riding her bike. also we were able to talk to one of her relatives. mike is in nevado and has learned that girl was practically home when she was hit. >> reporter: right. we know according to police the young girl was riding her bike against traffic across the street here and she was struck by an suv just about a hundred yard from her house located in that subdivision right there. we also learned today that the young girl was loved in this area. just about 90 minutes a vigil
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will get started and as this memorial continues to grow, we are learning more about the 12- year-old. all day long one at a time, they came. >> i just felt like i wanted to. >> reporter: flowers and notes placed by parents and their children. >> right now, my thoughts and prayers with the family. >> my daughter is friends with her. she is great. that's what my daughter said. . >> reporter: a nearby a mother in mourning stair stairing in to the street where her daughter was struck by a car. she died last night. today her aunt flew in from out of state. >> she loved to here. she loved it here. just two days ago she told her mom god sent us here for a reason. >> reporter: she was born in new mexico and settled in to the role as big sister to three brothers. her family moved here because of her father's job.
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she enrolled at middle school and started to settle in with her 7th grade class. she has been called as a leader. >> very, very out going. so gifted, so much to give. she he had so much potential. >> reporter: her family said she wanted to be a vet and would stop to feed horses on her way home there school. those located just about 30 yards from where she was struck. we will have more on the investigation for you coming up tonight at six. live in nevado. >> still to come, this may look like a normal pedestrian bridge but there is a very sad story behind it. lots of prepaid cards
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get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. . a small quake hit the east bay one day after we told you about a unique quake warning system. john fowler reports on why
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sciencists were appealing to congress to save that system. >> reporter: this morning at 9:00 take '2under the rock ridge neighborhood on the fault a 2.7. >> deep and rumbling and you know i just knew it was a quake from living here. >> reporter: bart train operators did stop, the quake to small to trigger the new system we told you about yesterday. it gives a warning. >> moderate, shaking expected in five, second. >> reporter: it's the nation's first quake early warning system designed to slow trains and alert your cell phone or computer but proposed budget cuts would kill it. they have the early warning system in japan, we are behind them. >> reporter: they say $150 million will pay off. >> the benefits out weigh the costs. >> reporter: by stopping
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trains, warning pilots not to land and doctors to stop operating. and everybody to seek safety. >> big quake we know is coming eventually. i mean every day i can't stop thinking about what will happen when that hits. >> john fowler reporting. >> caltrans alerting drivers about upcoming closuring of the san mateo bridge. the entire span will be shut down over two weekends next month. the closures will be from 10:00 p.m. friday until 5:00 a.m. monday. crews will install a new joint and will replace 60 feet the bridge deck. they will repair a cracked beam found two years ago during inspection. >> once complete the new joint and deck sections will bring the latest in safety engineering standards to the bridge. >> caltrans is urging drivers to take other routes during the
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closures including the bay bridge and dunbarton bridge. an ice cream struck hit a taxi during the height of the drive. the police said it happened about 7:30 this morning in the walnut creek area. the truck flipped on its side and three lanes were briefly blocked until the truck was moved to the side of the road. traffic was showed for about 90 minutes while leaking gas was cleaned up. nobody was hurt. >> we know the name of a man killed early this morning on a busy south bay freeway. the 38-year-old was struck and killed on highway 101 in redwood city just after 12:30. he crashed into a sound wall and then got out of his truck and was hit by a passing car. he died there at the scene. a new pedestrian bridge is now open in san jose where a little boy was hit and killed by a train areas ago. it goes over monterey road and the union pacific train tracks. the safer way to get to a
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popular shopping center. the bridge is named for a 2- year-old xander. he was walking there with his 4- year-old brother and a babysitter when he was struck and killed by a train in 2005. his mother attended today's emotional opening ceremony for the crossing. >> my son is going to save so many lives. the bridge will save so much and i hope that people are -- are smart enough to use it. >> funding the pedestrian bridge came from state bonds, the highway administration, the btv and from the city. >> tens of thousands of tech lovers going to san francisco for the oracle open world conference. we got a look at the preparations inside the center today where the event starts this sunday. organizers say the conference will feature discussions about industry trends, future tech and invasion. the ceo is expected to introduce the new 12c database designed for cloud computers. the conference runs until
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october 4th. facebook is getting in to the business of gift giving, the site is revealed a new tool that will let users biologists for one another. they will earn a part of the proceeds, it's the latest move to see if users willing to spend money on the site. most of facebook's revenue comes selling advertising. >> bill martin has been telling you about a strong warm up but let's go to him. we have a pair the air day tomorrow. >> yeah and today was a lot cooler than yesterday. temperatures tomorrow do warm up. we will see a spare the air day tomorrow and that means one sunday and monday. sunday and monday are going to be hotter days, they will be the hottest on the weekend with temperatures in the upper 90s. that's why the national weather service is issuing a excessive heat watch. that's for some of the big advertise, san jose, livermore, you know san francisco is left out of the heat watch as well as the oakland area and fremont. you get the picture.
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it'll be real hot on sunday and morning especially in the inland bay valleys, the temperatures come up. humidity drops and the fire danger goes off the charts. fog along the coast right now. that fog is pushed over to the east bay hills, temperatures today someplaces a good 15, 16- degrees cooler than yesterday. marine layer last night i -- it's deepening, maybe a couple hundred feet, overnight it deepened more than that. it's deepened about another thousand feet. got up to almost 2,000 and pushed in inland. not only just fog and low clouds but a lot of moist cool airs, the marine layer will pinch down tomorrow. we have a spare the air day. overnight lows in the upper 40s, low 50s. nice looking night. if you are out and about you will needed jacket. i think that fog will play over to oakland n to san rafael and point richmond. by tomorrow, tomorrow night. less fog, warmer daytime highs, through bay area on saturday,
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going to be a lot like yesterday. warmer but the real heat, you know today -- where is the heat. the heat will be sunday and monday. the real stuff. tomorrow you will find the warmest bay area locations in the low 90's. maybe mid09's but low 90's and then sunday, monday the air starts to slide off and compress, the fog is minimized and temperatures start to come up. warming begins tomorrow. you will notice it but the real significant stuff happens into sunday and monday. look at the tweak up here. there is saturday right. about 90, 92, sunday boom, you are up into 99, 100 degrees, monday up toward 100. when i come back at 5:45, the big overall picture. when i come back, we will give you the specific forecast for your neighborhood on saturday and then look in to the five day and the concerns for fire danger as we get into sunday and monday. we will talk about that. see you back at 5:45. >> thank you. it's another honor for the little league team.
5:19 pm
who will pay tribute to them. >> and going behind the camera. we are saying good-bye today to someone who has helped bring us the news for more than 30 years. >> and a live picture, the gathering sight for critical mass riders for the past 20 years. a major anniversary ride expected to take place in about a half hour. we will have more on the changing situation there coming up throughout this newscast.
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. this happened in oregon. because of a wrong turn -- you see what happened. a woman in the patch i newly put down concrete. she got confused by construction zone barriers. a tow truck was needed to pull her out. they have had a parade in their honor and the opportunity to play catch with the a's and the giants. now the little league team will get a chance to swim with the dolphins. they will be honored this sunday at six flags for their little league world series performance. at 1:30 they will get to jump in the water and swim with the dolphins at the pool. there will also be a ceremony honoring them. >> here it's a day of celebration for one person with a little bit of sadness share bid the rest of us. after more than three decades, chief photographer is hang up the camera and retiring.
5:23 pm
over his 34 year career he has won seven emmy's and was twice named press photographer of the year. this was back in 1989 when he went out with a coast guard on a rescue training peace in the ocean. >> part -- just to get out of my comfort zone and do a little traveling, have some fun and at the same time it's scary. i'm walking off in to the unknown. >> we will have more of his career for you tonight at ten. the governor has signed a bill authorizing construction of a ronald regan statue. he was elected the governor back in 1966 and he defeated brown's father pat brown. the bill was written by a republican. nobody opposedt. the governor cited regan's leadership and said he pushed for tax hikes now like governor brown is doing now. >> former governor is critical of republican strategists carl
5:24 pm
rove in his new book. he were write that crove predicted the recall that put him in office wouldn't happen. he said that he felt snubbed as a result. >> a morgan hill woman who left her daughter behind after being caught shoplifting is still on the run but now police say she has a young son with her and they believe he is in danger. >> it went from occupy san francisco to a homeless camp and now a fence. what went wrong and why police moved in. se fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was.
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and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan.
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. this should ktvu channel
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2news at five. >> accused of leaving her 10- year-old behind at a store during a shoplifting attempt. now we have learned that same woman may be on the run with her baby boy. investigators tracking that missing mother as she tries to escape police. rob rt honda live with the latest on the possible location and why authorities say she is a danger to herself and the child. >> reporter: there are new disturbing developments in the situation that started here at this safeway. as we reported last night on the 10:00 news the woman fled without her daughter after a shoplift agriculture tempt. now investigators say she is far from home with her other child on the run. a police officer and a representative of cps came to the home of the mother as we have been reporting they say on september 19th the 38-year-old drove away and left her 10-year- old behind after they were caught trying to leave a
5:28 pm
safeway with a cart of unpaid items. >> police. >> reporter: the daughter is staying her grandmother and today authorities were there to give her temporary custody of the child. that's what police found the mother is onto run with her son who is between 11 to 12 months old. >> our detective has contacted her on the phone. she has said she is in the lake tahoe area. we believe that she may be suicidal. we have contacted other agencies. chp, other county. >> reporter: you feel the baby is in danger? >> at this time the information we have we believe that it may be in danger. >> reporter: morgan mill police say they provide those agencies with her picture and a vehicle description, a green ford expedition with a wyoming plate, 41118 but they say she may have taken more steps. >> we believe she is changed the license plate from wyoming
5:29 pm
to a california plate, which we do not know the number. >> reporter: at her home the grandmother said her daughter is bipolar and depressed we have just talked to police and they believe she is now going to the reno area. live in morgan hill. >> happening now, we are back at in san francisco where more and more bike riders showing up for critical mass which is set the to start in about a half hour at 6:00. we are live once again with what could be one of the biggest critical mass rides ever in san francisco. >> reporter: the crowd here has grown. take a look around you can see pretty much bikes everywhere you look down here, downtown san francisco, the plaza. we have -- really runs the gamut to young to the young at heart we will call them. i ran into one man who is wearing a sign that said same
5:30 pm
bike for 40 years, that's twice as old as critical mass is. this is the 20th anniversary ride to celebrate the birth of critical mass. it started in san francisco, really started as a way to draw attention to cyclists on the road and has ended up by many respects by a lot of people saying that it -- it has improved conditions for bike riding by adding bike lanes, making drivers more aware. i asked one man if it's a form of protest or a celebration and he said that really pend depends on who you ask, it can be both. they are expecting anywhere from i have heard between 2,000 and as many as 10 10,000 participating. we have people from san francisco and the bay area but people coming in from all round the world. we talked to a man today from italy and went to mexico city and road up here for the last
5:31 pm
four months. this is really an international event but look at the crowd here now. bikes really -- as far as the eye can see. they are going to hit the streets here at 6:00 in san francisco. we don't know the route. the route is never known. this is an event that takes place on the last friday of the month. every month. that sense this is nothing special but that it's the 20th verse anniversary. it's special in the hearts of many people here and it's going to draw it seems a bigger crowd than many of the events do. police say they are going to have extra officers on hand here downtown san francisco, that they are going to kind of do a lay back hands off approach and just follow the crowd as they go. make sure that there are no exchanges between cyclists and drivers for the most part these days it seems to be uneventful and they hope for the same tonight. reporting live. >> oakland woman is heading home tonight after a
5:32 pm
foreclosure protest in washington that landed her in jail. she and four other women facing foreclosure were arrested yesterday outside the fannie may headquarters. the demonstrator was sitting in the middle of the street stopping traffic. the women must now pay a 100- dollar fine. fannie may has agreed to look into the foreclosure cases. >> bank of america said it'll pay two and a half billion dollars to settle a lawsuit over getting merrill lynch. it's from allegation that the bank lied about both companies financial health. today boa said it still denies the allegations and hopes they will get rid of any worry related to the lawsuit. on wall street a strong quarter on a weak note after show manufacturing falling. the dow falling. the s and p finished down by six. once a hot bed of activity the occupy camp in san francisco is gone tonight. rob roth is live with how even
5:33 pm
some occupy activists say it has lost its way. >> reporter: here at the cormier of market and main, a fence now sits where homeless people and occupy san francisco used to sleep. next to the fence a few members of occupy san francisco were handing out flyers about the occupy movement. they agreed many in the area that the camp established here in front of the federal reserve bank wasn't able to sustain any political mess appling. >> it be kim something that wasn't attractive from any standpoint. it was intimidating. >> reporter: people who walked by say they are glad as it had gone to a trouble spot. >> i didn't like walking through there. there is just so many people and it's dirty and just didn't like it. >> reporter: two nights ago place cleared out. the sidewalk needs repair they
5:34 pm
say, 45 people were arrested. it was no longer a free speech zone. >> this was illegal lodging in the tents, and it was camp -- not part of the freedom of speech act. >> reporter: last night a group police called anarchista gathered to throw objects and scattered. today crews finished cleaning up. . >> there are a few other camps in town. i guess we are going to -- still come here and protest every day. >> reporter: some have moved a few block away to montgomery and market. they said they didn't like the previous scene either and they said they are limiting the number of people they will let sleep out here. reporting live in san francisco. >> now to southern california where drivers once again bracing themselves for the closure of one of los angeles's busiest freeways, a ten mile
5:35 pm
stretch of interstate 405 is set to shut down tomorrow morning for construction. the first closure happened last year and while it wasn't as bad as expected some are still worry add this the weekend's. >> it'll be worse than last time. don't believe anything you said about last time it was okay. >> reporter: the freeway is set to reopen at 6:00 a.m. on monday. >> what was it? a mysterious object appears among the clouds on google maps. where it appeared. >> plus in seven minutes it's a gel filled cap being used by some who have cancer. how it works to prevent one of the major side effects of chemo.
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send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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. allege train is adding six more trains. on monday riders will see two new trains and four restored one that were previously cut because of budget restraints. service will also be added to existing train. in june caltrain reached annual time high with more than 50,000 riders each weekday. at six a big day on the other side of the bay for a mass transit project. the significance of this ground breaking. amtrak train operators testing position ors test
5:39 pm
positive for drugs and alcohol more frequently in the last six years. the report also said that mechanics and signal operators had the highest rate. the inspector general said that the conditions make a serious accident more likely. they say amtrak's management needs to test employees more often. people in a small texas town are trying to find what's behind a object captured in the sky by google maps. a street view shows what some are calling a ufo. it appears to be flying above a popular part of town but residents say they have no idea what it is. >> what is that? a car in the sky? >> that is -- pretty -- amazing. >> i don't know. looks like a jellyfish. >> similar one can be seen? the sky city hotel in new mexico. google hasn't commented. a dog was taken out of a
5:40 pm
pennsylvania pet store and was caught on tape. a couple came in and while the woman disadvantaged the manager the man stuffed the puppy under his shirt. they are seen leaving the store. the manager said the puppy cost a thousand dollars. police say they think they may know the couple but they want the public's help in finding them. >> may call it is latest in chemo fashion. how this cap can help cancer patients. >> and back here in just a few minutes. it'll be hot. the details on what you can expect and where the main heat will be. on your prepaid card?
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. happening now a large group of cyclists gathering at the foot of market in san francisco. they are at justin herman plaza. they are expected to take off in less than 15 minutes for the 20th anniversary of critical mass. it's a bike ride the last friday of every month but tonight it's spent. they are celebrating 20 years since the event started right here. the route they are taking we don't know. we know that police are going to ride along with them trying to keep it peaceful. we have a news crew on the scene. we will monitor what happen was the ride and it's impact on traffic through the rest of this newscast and at six. battling cancer is hard enough but losing your hair only seems to make it worse. there is a product that lets patients keep their hair through the process.
5:44 pm
we learn more in tonight's special report. >> reporter: 57-year-old annie and her husband arriving agent the hospital for her last round of chemo. >> breast removed then have chemo and then hear a lot of scary stuff. >> reporter: include that patients loose their hair. >> then you are not only feeling bad but you feel you look bad. i was looking online for hats to go over a bald head and so, i came across something called cold cap. >> reporter: she said she kept her hair because of the cap. they are kept well below zero. her husband puts them on. >> hour before and an hour and a half after. >> her having her hair i think allows her to be much more out going than she might otherwise be >> rapid cooling of the scalp slows the matabolism of the
5:45 pm
hair folicles and slows the up take of the chemo trucks in to them. >> a few reports of people who have had cancer returning in the skin of the scalp after having the scalp cooling device. >> reporter: peter interpret said though the caps aren't fda approved patients have a say in treatment. >> they have to make a decision based on the risks and the benefits and what we know, don't know. >> reporter: she thinks using was healthier. >> didn't feel as funny going out exercising. for a little bit we can maybe forget. . >> reporter: it takes a committed partner to work the caps. they are replaced recooled every few minutes. this is my partner for 33 years. so, i couldn't do anything other than this.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: the caps cost $85 a piece. they say they will donate them so another patient can keep her hair. john fowler. >> the fda is issuing a warning to people who used internet pharmacies. the fda said the vast majority of them are fake and may be selling counterfeit drugs that could hurt consumers. they have launched a national campaign called be safe rx to alert the public to the danger. the fda said many internet pharmacies sell fake drug that are contaminated, past their expiration date or contain no or to much active ingredient. some contain toxic substances like arsenic or rat poison. smoking scenes were up in some of the biggest kid movies last year. the number of smoking scenes in g, pg and pg13 rated movies
5:47 pm
increased by more than a third last year compared to 2010. >> if we see this rising, rising, rising i guarantee you what we will see is more and more kids smoking and more and more people dying. >> the anti tobacco group legacy which funded the study wants those movies to carry an r rating but the motion picture association said that it doesn't encourage teen smoking. >> leaders of a youth football team being select investigated on an alleged bounty scandal. they went undefeated in the regular season. now the league's president and the head coach are suspended amid allegations of offering cash to young players to knock out opponents this he are made of mostly ten and 11-year- old's. if one case an alleged bounty ended up in a concussion. the head coach dede nyes the allegations. bill martin has been telling us about the hot
5:48 pm
weather expected to hit the bay area this weekend and now some south bay cities opening cooling centers. starting tomorrow the rec center and senior center will reopen. the center's manager said they are company concerned about two specific groups. >> want to make sure that the really young and the elderly have a place to come to get away from the heat. >> the city of sanious is also opening nine cooling centers and for a list of those locations just go to and click on web links. >> let's talk more about that heat now because the weekend is just about here. >> yeah. its going to be hot. we won't see a red flag warning that's super hot investment the excessive heat watch. the big winds won't develop and that's the good newst. will get hot. the humidity get low. we have a spare the air day
5:49 pm
tomorrow. we have to get through the fog. doesn't feel like a hot weekend if you are in san francisco. it's cold out there at beach. it's cold out in daily city. tomorrow's temperatures warm up. these were the highs, tomorrow's temperatures will increase. these are today's highs, tomorrow will come up from this. the real heat is sunday and monday. that's when the temperature also get in to the upper 09's. low 100. we don't expect winds, the winds are the thing and firefighter -- heat is bad, low humidity, you set up the northeast wind and blowing to 40 miles an hour that's trouble. right now all the models suggesting relatively light winds out of the northeast. a warmer weekend and fire danger does increase. the upper air winds will go off shore. should clear the fog. not a bad time to go to the beach but the swells increasing this weekend. we have a good northwest swell. with the sandbars, down in pacifica a lot of sand about the summer waves. the rip tides will be nasty.
5:50 pm
think about that. the beach sun and monday or sunday specifically many people do and ocean beach probably one of the most dangerous in the country for rip tieds, it'll be one of those kind of days. that's another thing to worry about. rip tides. giant surf just larger su are, f big rip tieds, tomorrow afternoon just like yesterday. just -- yesterday we had the low 90's. 91 fairfield. 83 vallejo. 74 richmond. 92 pittsburgh. 93 antioch and 92 pleasant on. nice looking saturday. sunday, five degrees, yeah, yeah, someplaces five to six degrees and then on monday add a couple more. monday should be the hottest day. excessive heat watch in effect as i showed you for much of the bay area. you may just include yourself in that. oakland isn't in that and san francisco. the big cities are. there is the five-day forecast with the weekend in view. we will track it. i'm back at six. we will look at one of the
5:51 pm
other models, ten i will have the latest models we can dialn. >> you aren't expecting any records or anything from sunday, monday. >> maybe monday. it's -- maybe monday. >> okay. thank you. >> now developments in the peanut butter recall that's made dozens sick across the country. now one national safety group is pointing the finger directly at the federal government.
5:52 pm
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5:54 pm
. the vatican newspaper is questioning a scrap that has restarted the debate over whether jesus was married. i harvard researcher presented this piece as a -- of a piece of a 4th century gospel. the text on the scrap reads jesus said to them my wife. the vatican is dismissing as a fake and inept one. >> the government has dropped the ball and failed to do much to keep unsafe peanut butter off shelves. a outbreak of salmonella has sickened dozens nationwide. two here in california. the group is have worried saying may because regulators have been slow to put in new safety measures. >> we have missed several
5:55 pm
critical deadlines already and there is -- really no excuse for it when public health is at risk. >> the government spokeswoman said the obama administration is working as fast as possible to put in new procedures. a brentwood man was arrested today on suspicious of carrying out a massive foreclosure. investigators say that the 44- year-old convicted disstressed homeowners he could take their existing debt and replace it with a new lower debt to his country. they say more than 1,000 homeowners paid upwards of $3.1 million to him. >> today the governor signed a bill that will get the next generation of clean clergy vehicles to use state carpool lanes to free this as area is around the state test high
5:56 pm
occupancy toll lanes. they will issue them to set aside clean air vehicle that will grant solo drivers access to the lanes. >> we are live in san francisco here and coming up in just two minutes we continue to follow the crowd as they celebrate 20 years of the critical mass bike ride and protest. >> and a community in mourning tonight after an 11-year-old was hit and kildare riding her bike. the reason the little girl may have been riding on that road yesterday. card hassles?
5:57 pm
introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card that's easy to activate and can be used right away. plus, you can load cash or checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and checks right from your smartphone. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid.
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. good evening. >> happening now the critical mass bike ride is just getting started. hundreds, possibly thousands of bike riders will be riding through the streets of san francisco during the height of the evening commute. we are live where this event marks 20 years of that monthly ride. >> reporter: leading edge of what will be the critical mass bike ride 20th anniversary. this is the last bit of traffic we are guess that will get through here and some of the people over there have been sitting for a couple of minutes now not sure if they will be
5:59 pm
able to get by. take a look to the right. you can see we have a few police officers, sitting, standing by their -- more on duty here tonight and that is because of critical mass. they aren't going to do anything but follow this crowd, make sure everybody respects one another, bikes and cars and just follow this as they do go along. no set route for them and that's because it is a non-- not a sanctioned ride. they don't get permits but nobody gets arrested. they do it every month. the last friday of every month. this one is special because it's the 20th anniversary. let's go take a look. i can't even start to count the number of bike that are here. i will guess thousands. we heard estimates that between 2,000 and 10,000 would be taking part in this ride. we do know that people are coming from not just around the bay area but all over the world for this ride. i have talked to people

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